Saturday, October 22, 2011

Loving You

I’m thinking about you when you’re not thinking about me
Loving you when you never look my eyes  
Loving you on illusion world that we ever met
Loving  you in my quiet…
Loving you when the tree shout to the ground
and send message to the wind…
Loving you when sun rises, when sunset comes, when rain’s fall….      Loving you when the flower blossoms in my garden
Loving you is hard things…
Yet to know all bout you….all about your life…

If in once time,,,,
I won’t be your heart choice…..
Just take it flow naturally

What can I do ??
How can I say ??
However, I can’t show it…
Embedded….on my tongue…
Embracing my lung….make it warm….

If I can,
I’ll save it….till the end….

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