Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweet Spirit

Every street that spread out behind my eyes as through as a sweet garden.
 Try to listen deeply to get an understanding of you. 
There was an obstacle built on the frame of  cage.
 People are mumble and say something  that has not a meaning. 
 Neither pain nor smile.
 Just a vapid situation I see at all. 
Well, I stand in front of the light and reach a day to face on the wall
Pop out a sound
Make a loud...very loud....loud and be in a nice place what I've not ever see before
I'm happy
Really happy
Pursuing a good side to be a truly part of me and for me
Whenever I get back to the empty place
I'm sure that I won't sit desperately in long 
A groove of story never get a loose from happiness side and sadness side

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