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           Pasar Wisata Minggu ( the Sunday Tourism Market) in Batu city save more potential for long time planning if the government wants to develop it seriously. This market gives more advantages and  benefits in providing  job opportunity for the  middle  and  low economy class of societies. So that, it could improve and increase the income of society and the creativity progression of market mechanism.

Key Word
        Tourism market
       Income of society

1.   Introduction
        On several years ago, the local government of Batu city organizes a week end event, that is “Pasar Minggu”. It located on Batu square. As the statement from local societies, this market is just like a “surprise market” which held on Sunday. According to the statement from the mayor government of Batu city, Eddy Rumpoko said that this market was held as a form of efficiency for societies to promote the tourism place in Batu city directly.
           Pasar Wisata Minggu visited by many people from local society and the people that comes from the outside of Batu city. As on Sunday, June, 29th 2009 ago, there are several students from Perbanas University visited it, revived, and sold anything in this market. There is one female student said that they visited this market because they want to fulfill their Enterpreneur assignment from UKM in Indonesian called Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa, the kind of student organization at University. They want to develop their ability and want to know how about the aspects of interaction in the market. Beside that, in this market, there are many souvenirs, topeng monyet attraction, komedi putar, and local exclusive food from Batu such as sate kelinci, Batu meatball, and others. The price is attainable and the merchant are from middle and small (low) economy class.

2. Definition
           The traditional market is the most common place that visited by people. Traditional market is an illustration of social, economy, politic, technology, religion, social structure, and  the social relation around of it.. But, at the certain time, traditional market could provided in creative form. Like in Batu city that held Pasar Minggu. Actually, this market is still traditionally but the location of it gives some improvisation as well as other vertical industries. Traditional tourism market is the market that provides on new ways to promote the tourism place of the region or province with their own standardized cultural performances. And, why the tourism market has an attractiveness ? it is because they give and defend the uniqueness from the culture itself.

3.  Theories Concept
·         The game theory about market
 Some formalist use game theory as a model of rational behavior under specific cultural or interpersonal constraints. Formalist such as Raymond Firth and Harold K. Schneider assert that the neoclassical model of economics can be applied to any society if appropriate modifications are made, arguing that the principles outlined above have universal validity. All human cultures are therefore a collection of “choice making individuals whose every action involves conscious or unconscious selections among alternatives means to alternatives end”. Whereby the ends are culturally defined goals that refer to anything that is valued by the individual, be it leisure, solidarity or prestige.
·            In theoretical view said that there are more obstacle which can influence the existence of traditional tourism market. First, in internal extremely obstacle, the government are still consider could not order the physical side of the market to be more attractive to visited. So that, the market is consider negative, muddy, and bad smelling. And the second is, external extremely obstacle. The traditional tourism market makes competition with modern business. Tourism market provide the pattern of traditional culture to promote the place in where the market are there. But, the modernization has been shining the existence of traditional market. People move to modify their life to be modern life style and go to shopping in modern place, too.

4.  Main Topic
            The topic of this article that chosen is how to defend and  develop the traditional tourism market in modernization at Batu city.
           Traditional tourism market is almost destroyed when the modern market like grand mall has been built. Moreover, modernization gives more influence for the society include in life style and cultural changes.
          Actually, traditional tourism market in Batu city that held only on Sunday at Batu square  is one of  the good way to make a new form of attraction to the local societies and outside societies. But, on the several time, the government gives less attention to this market in more aspects. This tourism market can give the strongest position in long term in which to use the opportunity intensely, to see and make a good marketing planning without to loose the culture, and build the strong team work  to motivate the merchant (on mid and low scale  labour / working). It is not wrong if we mixed with modernization.  But  all of  the government and citizen also must be careful to filter what the change that still appropriate with the region culture are and what that not suitable are to defend the uniqueness and the seldom from the market.

5.  Conclusion
                 There are many ways could done by everything that we can do as well as creatively to solve the problem that caused by modernization to lasting the culture in traditional tourism market, especially in Batu city. Perhaps, in providing and addition the art performance like wayang or exclusive story from local region.  In the regularity side. The market is located on the square of Batu city that smaller than Malang square. And then, often, this market visited by many people that want to jogging or exercise alone or go to recreation with family. The problem is, there are much rubbish that thrown randomly and it will make a perception that the cleaning service worker are too lazy to awake the cleanliness and healthiness of the environment around of the square. So that, the government must take more high attention to solve this problem to lasting the environment’s air. Another that make a providing of parking area for the vehicle’s user that often pass the street around of the square. So that, it will make visitor be comfort.

· : Tuesday, June, 23th 2009

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