Thursday, August 9, 2012


Do you want to look beautiful? 

It's easy 

We do not have to approach the expensive salon every week to look pretty .. 

We do not have to do plastic surgery to look beautiful. 

We do not need to pay expensive to always look beautiful. 

Beautiful it must not only take care of what appears on the surface like the skin from head to toe. 

Sometimes there are many women that defines beauty is something that looks perfect from the outside, especially the face.

That alone is still lacking. 

Beauty is not only caring for what looks from the outside  but also to take care of what is inside. 

Yes, the inside of the body, heart and even our souls also need nutrition to always look healthy and stay beautiful. 

Of course, it's beautiful is not necessarily expensive. 

It's very easy to be the beautiful one.. 

Beautiful it can be obtained in a way that is really easy. 

Only by smile, we can look beautiful from outside and within 

Only with regular exercise such as jogging every week, we can look beautiful. 

Just by eating healthy foods and beverages every day, we can look pretty 

Only with adequate rest every day, we can look pretty 

Only by to be diligent in prayer every day, we can look pretty 

Only by thinking positively and manage stress well, we can look pretty

Only by thank to ALLAH for everything's given to us, we can look pretty



--salam cantik untuk kamu-kamu yang ada di manapun--

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