Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Today is rainy day. Rain falls in Parepare. I feel happy. ^____^

hujan lagi Rose in Rain…

Like as me that stand alone, stand outside the home and let my heart washed by rain.

With rain, I grow up my stalks

I’m widen my calyx and  flourish my hand to the sky, cloud, mountain and earth.

Under the rain, I kiss my leaves and convince them to do everything my best

The rain pours my land, so I can grow faster than before

Under the rain, I bring my  root to walk forward, reach my aims, reach my happiness

I hope, someday, I can picked and replanted by someone who can save and love me forever

I’m very thankful to Allah who is create the rain


Rose in rain…

Perhaps, you can find me outside your home suddenly

But, please do not touch me if you couldn’t save my beauty

Please do not blame me or stirrup me

Pick me up if you already have a braveness to conserve my life


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